Besnik Muçi Dismissed From Duty

Besnik Muçi Dismissed From Duty

The Constitutional Court takes another blow. The Appeal Chamber announced today the decision on the reassessment of Besnik Muçi while he was a Prosecutor in the Serious Crimes Prosecution.

According to this ruling, Besnik Muçi has been dismissed from his duties as a prosecutor and expelled from the justice system.

But such a decision is considered null and void by Muçi, who says that once he took his oath as a member of the Constitutional Court, the decision is no longer valid.

The IQC's decision confirming Muçi to duty was appealed by the Public Commissioner.

According to the Commissioner, the subject has not accurately declared his property, nor did he fully justify it.

There are inconsistencies in the comparison between the 2006 statement and his current Vetting statement, and there is insufficient documentation for the loans he has previously received.

Meanwhile, Muçi himself asked for the confirmation of duty, calling the Public Commissioner's findings inaccurate.

In a previous hearing, he presented to the Appeal Chamber the balance sheet of a Turkish company, which has links to one of its borrowers, but it was not accepted as evidence by the College.