The American ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim, traveled today to the northern capital, where she was received by the mayor of Shkodra, Voltana Ademi.

At the latter’s office, a little girl with a red rose welcomed him.

Afterwards, the mayor praised the support of the Embassy for the municipality of Shkodra, but also the American support in general in all key phases of the development of our country.

Yuri Kim also said that she is very enthusiastic that she is in Shkodra and during her two days stay there she will have the opportunity to visit the main centers of the city.

“The more I learn about Shkodra, the more I have learned your spirit of independence, freedom and rejection of any kind of dictatorship. But also your perseverance.” Every time I study the history of Rozafa castle and the sacrifice it took for it, it makes me think that Shkodra is exactly my place, a place that suits me”.

The American diplomat did not go empty-handed. She gave Adami a personalized mask with the American flag.