The chairman of the Democratic Party Branch in Durrës, Ferdinant Xhaferraj denounces what he calls a scandal related to the abuses of reconstruction funds.

A building in neighborhood 1 which has withstood the earthquake is classified as DS3.

We have all witnessed protests by residents of mansions classified as DS3 damaged who were afraid to go home and could not even enter the mansion to pick up household items. While today I invite you to look at this palace. It is immediately clear that the categorization as “DS3” was made only to abuse the reconstruction funds.

From the verifications that experts in the field have made to the facility, it is clear that we are dealing with a completely undamaged building. At the same time, I present facts from the buildings of the beach area and neighborhood 18, to understand that we are dealing with flagrant abuse of reconstruction funds.”

Ambassador Yuri Kim knew what a corrupt government she was dealing with when she called for a transparency academy to be set up for funding provided by the international community.

As we have witnessed and are witnessing, Mrs. Kim was completely right, “Xhaferraj said in a statement to the media this morning, underlining that with Rama, Dako and Cela, the citizens of Durres are both abandoned and stolen.