President Ilir Meta’s spokesman has responded to Prime Minister Rama’s accusations that the Head of State has the sole purpose of undoing justice reform.

In a Facebook post, Blushi says that “the North Korean justice of Bilal’s “wife”, Albanians have tried for 50 years, so every certificate of “Mrs. Bilali”, they will throw it in the trash”.

Blushi underlines that Ilir Meta is loyal to the Justice Reform made with 140 votes in the Assembly, thanks to His insistence when he was Speaker of the Assembly and all Albanians know this well.

“Bilal’s “wife” caught the new justice that he could get with the Constitution with unconstitutional laws, which he continues to approve even today. Do not worry that on April 25 he will receive the deserved appreciation from all the people of Albania”.

Blushi emphasizes that independent justice will come only from free and holy vote.

“Whoever touches the free vote will have his hand cut off along with his nails, which have seized the state and justice. Bilal’s “wife” in vain spends money with lobbyists for false statements, certificates and polls. It would be good for him to save the stolen money to pay the defense lawyers, when he is accountable to justice. Do not provoke the people of March 2 that it has multiplied in one year thanks to the increased oppression even in times of pandemics!”