From this Monday (September 14) on RTV Ora and Ora News starts the new TV season, with the return of shows and the launch of many new programs.

Due to the circumstances where the media is located, the President of “Yldon Media Group”, Ylli Ndroqi greets through a message not only the staff but also the viewers assuring them that nothing will stop.

Even greeting those with whom he embarked on his journey 14 years ago, he points out that the strong and difficult foundations of a free journalism have now turned into a fortress.

Ylli Ndroqi: In these years we were where many did not dare to go and not only events that shook the country, or brought great changes, but also in the problems that every Albanian family has.

And for that I am grateful to you for the foundations of a strong media, for the establishment of a journalism that many love.

Many thought we would get down on our knees,” says Ndroqi, but from this week everything comes back even faster.

Ylli Ndroqi: Ora News will continue to challenge not only the first ones for the latest news. But to follow in detail everything that is required to be kept secret, to be close to every family, to make transparency about what happens after the decisions of the government in the service of the public interest.

While RTV Ora, with the diversity it offers, I assure you will continue to be the television of everyone, not only in the family, but also a reference point in every field.

For this he thanks the journalists and all the staff of both televisions, for whom he emphasizes that they became a source of inspiration not only for him, but for all viewers.

Ylli Ndroqi: But this situation will make us even stronger. An experience that few have gone through. Over the years, I have tried to be close to each of you. I listened and I learned, we grew up together.

But today you are the ones who showed that the strong foundations of more than a decade ago have turned into a stronghold of free speech. And that makes me not stop.

14 years ago, the challenge of building a free media was considered taboo, but Ndroqi adds that the very confrontations with the majority and politics show that the media knows how to resist.

Ylli Ndroqi: So I invite you to be even more courageous, to say what others say out loud.

Raise the concerns that Albanians have, but that other media leave them hidden in drawers for many reasons. We all need this. So thank you!