After Lezha, Albin Kurti appeared today at the headquarters of Vetëvendosje Center in Albania.

Along with Boiken Abazi, the candidate for MP in the April 25 elections said that Albania needs change.

“Changes have been made in Kosovo, Albania also needs changes because Albanians deserve more and Albanians deserve better,” said Kurti.

Vetëvendosje Center Albania competes with three candidates on April 25, Boiken Abazi in Tirana, Iljaz Shehu in Lezha and Kreshnik Merxhani in Gjirokastra.

“Yesterday I was in Lezha with Iljaz Shehu, today in Tirana with Abazi, tomorrow in Gjirokastra with Kreshnik Merxhani. Yesterday it happened that it is the 577th anniversary of the Covenant of Lezha. We were at the Skënderbeg cemetery where the origin of national unity as a concept is located. We need liberation because wherever Albanians are, there is a lot of oppression and exploitation, we need unity because we are not democratically separated from others, we need progress because we are behind.

We are like Kosovo and Albania, the most backward countries in Europe, we have terrible trade deficits. Our states retain our immigrants, they send remittances to their families and tribe, and we increase our purchasing power. Productivity and development must be increased in order for youth to have employment. When the youth have employment, we reduce emigration towards termination. Albanians must return to both Albania and Kosovo.”