SMI Deputy Chairman Petrit Vasili says that Albanians expected transparency from Prime Minister Rama at such moments when the risk of selling the Albanian sea is a fact.

Through a post on Facebook, Vasili writes that considering that Rama is declared a border bazaar, the nationwide concern naturally becomes explosive.

According to him, Rama is presenting himself as an excellent lawyer of the Greek side and against the interests of Albania.

Regarding the expansion of the territorial waters of Greece by 12 miles, Vasili says that Albania also has this right.

Vasili’s Facebook post

Rama as a border trader and his betrayal for the sale of the Sea!

Albanians in such moments when the risk of selling the Albanian sea is a fact expected transparency from the Prime Minister.

Considering that Rama is declared a border trader, the nationwide concern naturally becomes explosive.

The vileness of the Prime Minister, who puts his political account before the interest of the Albanians, appeared openly this time as well.

Based on the wickedness of deliberate ignorance, the Prime Minister presented himself without any scruples as an excellent lawyer for the Greek side and against the interests of Albania, performing this task better, more motivated but also more careless in his zeal than the Greeks themselves.

The Prime Minister speaks not far from yesterday, about a so-called Agreement for the Sea, which we had prepared and which was very good, but the “internal enemy” prevented it.

PM says:

“Since our negotiations with the Greek side were materializing in a concrete document, based on international norms and the law of the sea.

The scandalous distortion that was made at that time a public statement of the Greek Foreign Minister for the “expansion from 6 to 12 miles of Greek maritime waters” and the orchestrated attack against the new agreement on the sea “.

Albanians know nothing about this so-called new secret agreement.

What betrayal did Rama keep hidden from Albanians?

Why do Albanians always get the news from the Greek statements from the former Minister Koshtias Kocias to Dendias today?

Why does not Foreign Minister Edi Rama lead the negotiating group for the Sea Agreement while he is running when it comes to the chairmanship of the OSCE?

Is the Albanian Sea just a market booty for Ramen, while the OSCE chairmanship is the most important farcical instrument?

What does the New Agreement contain about the sea that Rama is talking about?

Isn’t the Greek side talking today on the basis of this secret agreement?

While these serious questions do not get answered, Prof. Ksenofon Krisafi said yesterday:

“It is illogical and indisputable absurdity to think that Greece will extend the breadth of territorial waters from the Corfu coast towards Saranda to 12 nautical miles.

First there is not enough space for this width. Secondly, based on the aforementioned article of the Convention on the Law of the Sea, Albania has this right to the same extent.

“According to this logic of these” specialists for everything “there is no account, because the Greeks will have to go a few km above the hills of Saranda, while the Albanians would cross somewhere in the middle of the land territory of the island of Corfu” – says Professor Krisafi.

Rama has betrayed the Albanians and his vile advocacy in support of Greek statements contrasts as night with day with the professional and patriotic utterance of Prof. Krisaf.

The PM as a professional border seller, from Albania and the sea to Kosovo, was not absent this time as well, to place his betrayal between vileness and deliberate ignorance.