SMI Vice President Petrit Vasili again appealed to the government today to reflect on the management of the pandemic situation.

In a Facebook post, Vasili says the situation is precipitating terribly and the government should entrust the situation to medical experts.

Full statement

The government opens its ears, listen, stop leaving the blame to the pandemic!!

The pandemic is precipitating dangerously, it requires lightning measures!

The government has an obligation to listen because it is neither the owner of people’s health nor the owner of citizens’ taxes, but simply their administrator.

It has totally failed with health and Pandemic Management speaks for itself.

The government can not continue to get rid of the people and has an obligation to listen so as not to get fat even with its already very serious guilt.

Urgently open communication and listen to medical experts, health managers, etc., regardless of the sympathy or antipathy of the Government.

The measures should be lightning fast, oriented only to the problem and the practical solution.

Avoid repeated failed measures and models.

Eliminate the defeatist attitude of the Government: “this is what happens everywhere”.

To increase the tests, to use any additional capacity of public or private laboratory.

There is only one motto: “Citizens have the right to be tested and receive answers within 24 hours for their test.”

Immediate deconcentration towards Covid District Hospital Hospitals.

No Covid aggravated patient can ever be denied a hospital bed.

Provide the necessary protective equipment for primary care, because family doctors and nurses in health centers can never provide it themselves.

Multiply the financial means available to health from the Health Center Regional Hospitals and QSU ‘Mother Teresa and the Hospital of Lung Diseases of Tirana.