Vasili Denounces: Rama Is Blackmailing And Threatening Doctors And Teachers

Vasili Denounces: Rama Is Blackmailing And Threatening Doctors And Teachers

The deputy chairman of the SMI denounces what he calls "blackmail" that the prime minister does to teachers and doctors by threatening them with their jobs.

"In the midst of an unprecedented event such as a pandemic, doctors and nurses must be blackmailed, those who face every day and every hour the fight for life and health, and who have faced in opposition to a Prime Minister like this one, that this one and only this one, for the first time, fired doctors for political persuasion, which were not political persuasion, but were just demands to improve service to citizens and to say 'NO' to lies and propaganda.

It is he alone who has brought out dozens and dozens of nurses and doctors to sit and wait for hours in the hospital courtyards, until the end of his disgusting propaganda shows, cutting them off from work, from the front line, from care to the sick bed and all their life-necessary duties.

So, educators and doctors and nurses were found yesterday in a brazen and unscrupulous offensive of Edi Rama only for the half-broken legs of his chair. These doctors and nurses and these teachers are militating there and they are two big armies, militating there for years. They are there and they will be there for the good of the country and no one can touch them."

Vasili guaranteed that after April 25, blackmail for the workplace will end.

"After April 25, no one will line up and fill the hospital squares and remove them from the patient's bed just to make Edi Rama's propaganda. No one will fire doctors and nurses anymore because they want the service to citizens and patients to be better.

On April 25, only the only enemy of education and knowledge will leave, at least the school and the uneducated, the assassin of education and knowledge and at the same time the assassin of health. He will leave, who blackmails with vaccines, who blackmails with jobs, blackmails with everything in the name of only one chair, his chair" said Vasili

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