SMI Vice President, Petrit Vasili has denounced the cases of citizens affected by last year’s earthquake and have been in tents for months.

According to him, the government is incompetent and is wasting funds.

Vasili says citizens are living in misery, and the government is cheating with propaganda and squandering funds.

Vasili’s post on Facebook

Earthquake-stricken citizens in miserable condition in umbrellas, while the shameless renaissance deceives with propaganda.

The abominations, the scenes and the squandering of the prime minister and the whole bunch of his facilities for the reconstruction after the earthquake are disgusting.

Incompetent, wasteful of money and mocking the pain of the people they want to sell soap for cheese.

Citizens in apartments, who can collapse from moment to moment, in umbrellas, in rainy containers, entering from all sides, this is the reality.

The photo of this sick child with fever covered with a blanket wet in an umbrella and at the mercy of fate after the earthquake speaks for itself.

Prime Minister and good government, you are doing anything, at least shut your mouth!!