In a press release from the SMI headquarters, its deputy chairman Petrit Vasili said that the country’s economy is in deep crisis.

While publishing the figures, Vasili stated that Albania is on the verge of a very dangerous abyss with consequences for the country and every citizen.

Vasili: “The Albanian economy in the second quarter has a decline of 10.2%, a decline unprecedented in the last 20 years.

70% of small and medium-sized businesses, ie thousands of small and medium-sized businesses result in losses, so they are heading towards failure, towards bankruptcy, towards their disappearance.

32 thousand small and medium businesses have been closed so far, which means 1/3 of the businesses of the whole country and together with you each of you citizens is counting much faster than thousands of other jobs are lost.

We heard yesterday how the Prime Minister, this professional and cheeky swindler, said that we have only 11 thousand unemployed from the pandemic. When we know the official figures of taxes, the same from the first month of isolation and closure, so at the end of May there were 66 thousand jobs and then the situation worsened and thousands of other businesses were closed.”

Regarding the public debt, the vice-president of the SMI said that, officially it is over 80%, but without counting here the losses of Albania in the Arbitration Court.

Vasili: “Public debt, a burden that is breaking the back of the Albanian economy and is burdening the pocket of every Albanian. It is officially over 80%, confirmed by the IMF. Not counting these hundreds and millions of unpaid debts and not counting here the hundreds of millions of euros lost through arbitration due to the closure, suspension, destruction of contracts unilaterally for clientelistic purposes.

Together they bring the public debt close to 100%, which means an unprecedented economic catastrophe for Albania, which is normally a country with weak shoulders, but it means to tear between Albania and every Albanian.” .

According to Vasili, the appeals of the International Monetary Fund, all international institutions, all the appeals that the opposition is making are enough to clearly understand the truth from the fraud.