Prime Minister Edi Rama has indicated that the price of the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 has not been made public due to company rules.

According to Rama, the money spent can be easily found, but that he is not authorized to declare price.

Rama: You can doubt what you want, it is your right. You allay suspicions with what has been done. The secret in Pfizer’s relationship with Albania and with all countries everywhere is not related to the price, that the price is fixed, but related to the modality of the contracts. According to the negotiations there are different modalities for time, quantity.

It is easily verifiable because the money paid for Pfizer is not covered by secrecy. You can watch them and you should not feed people with idiotic conspiracies. It’s very simple, Pfizer has a contract with all countries and no contract is public. I did not know this, I said that I would go to Parliament and make it public. I was told that it could not be made public.