The President of the Republic reacts after the “No” that the Netherlands gave to Albania regarding the opening of negotiations for EU membership.

The head of state, through a post on Facebook, reiterates the fact that the April 25 elections will be a referendum where Albanians will decide whether to go to Europe or stay in Vlora.

According to Meta, the choice has been made since the time of Skanderbeg: Albania in Europe.

Ilir Meta: “April 25 is already a REFERENDUM with two alternatives: Albania in Europe or in the pit.

The answer has been known since the time of Skanderbeg: Albania in Europe!”

The Government of the Netherlands has formalized its decision against the convening of the first intergovernmental roundtable between Albania and the European Union.

The establishment of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the fight against corruption and organized crime remain for the Dutch, conditions not met by the Albanian Government.

In this situation, the Dutch Government proposes that the negotiations with Tirana be formalized at another time.