SMI Vice President Petrit Vasili has paralleled the situation with the mask law in Albania with that in America.

Vasili has shown the case when the police in Brooklyn, USA distribute free masks for a group of people who did not respect the anti-covid measures, while he added that in Albania the police intimidate the citizens.

Police in the United States support and assist citizens. Offer them masks for free. It is not inclined to punish them, fine them and put them in prison, but it helps them with a lot of kindness“, said Vasili.

The deputy chairman of the SMI has described these measures as demagoguery, adding that “the mask of hypocrisy in dealing with the pandemic must fall once and for all. But to take concrete steps, which really face that pandemic, which through the fault of the government today is a river flowing out of bed, while taking timely measures and listening to the endless advice we have given you will be able to to face this problem so important and the citizens would not suffer either their health destruction or their economic destruction”.