Today (October 2), the Law Commission has approved the SP proposal for pre-election coalitions.

According to this proposal in the next elections the parties will have to compete as part of a coalition in a single list.

In Article 65, point 3 is added, at the moment of registration the coalition must declare the leading party. And the criteria are met by the ruling party. Mutual relations between them are regulated in a coalition. This is article or point 3 of article 65 “, – said Gjiknuri.

MP Rudina Hajdari considers the new proposal of the Socialist Party an insult.

Today’s proposal of the Socialist Party is an insult not only to the parliamentary opposition but above all to the Albanians. It is practically the same proposal as the previous one, just articulated differently with more tricks inside. It is unfortunate how the Parliament, from a serious institution that should serve the citizens and Albania, has turned into a haven for intriguers who think from morning to evening how to throw it to the citizens. We do not accept this proposal, we want 100% open lists, without tricks. We want the deputies to be decided by the citizen and not the mayor. We want real democracy and not a presidency that uses power to plunder the rich country with a handful of people. Albania’s welfare passes only through democracy and for this we do not negotiate“, said Hajdari.

On the other hand, the parliamentary opposition boycotted the meeting because it does not accept the draft of the majority.

But, voted the other article of the Electoral Code where the party chairman to run in four constituencies of the country, on the proposal of MP Myslim Murrizi, who wanted the mayor to run in all 12 constituencies of the country, but the Socialists reduced this to only 4 constituencies .