President Ilir Meta has reacted harshly to the current government, as he has published alarming data on reports related to the Albanian economy.

Meta wrote that “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, finds Albania in a very difficult economic situation, according to reports of prestigious foreign organizations.

The Head of State continued with harsh tones, saying that economic catastrophes should be prevented in the conditions of the pandemic, while emphasizing that the June 5 agreement was brutally violated. He called on Albanians to seize sovereignty with the message “the hour of confrontation is approaching”.

With the escalation of the severe political and institutional crisis, especially after the brutal violation of the Consensus Agreement of June 5, and in the conditions of the pandemic, the situation is expected to worsen towards a national economic catastrophe, which must be prevented in time.

Poverty is a flagrant violation of human rights, so the fight to eradicate this phenomenon in the first place is a fight to guarantee the dignity of every citizen and social justice, so necessary, that a society like ours deserves to be developed according to European standards “, writes Meta.