The chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Monika Kryemadhi, is said to be running in three constituencies, in Tirana, Fier and Elbasan.

Kryemadhi has stated this fact before, while it is the last hours until the end of the deadline of the Central Election Commission for submitting the lists, while her statement was announced at 10:50.

There is still no clear name for the placement of important figures of this party, but for a long time Luan Rama has left in the direction of Vlora leading the campaign there. Also, Kejdi Mehmetaj has left the list of Tirana for Fier. The General Secretary of the SMI, Endrit Braimllari, has been following the campaign in Korça for months now.

With the meetings in the capital, the great presence of the deputy chairman of LSI, Petrit Vasili, who in the 2017 elections was in the district of Fier, former minister Edmond Haxhinasto, former minister Klajda Gjosha, former deputy and chairwoman of LRI Floida Kërpaçi, was noticed. Secretary General of the SMI Tirana, Klevi Pojana. The latter in 2017 were in the district of Tirana.

In Shkodra the campaign was handed over to Agron Çela, while in Lezha to Viktor Tushaj. Durrës, which was once led by Lefter Koka, who joined the SP team, today is the “loyal” area of Elona Guri.

The SMI has already completed the process of completing the latest documents, while from moment to moment the publication of the lists is expected.