1/3 of the deputies that Lulzim Basha selected in 2017 could not pass the Vetting of the evaluation commission of candidates in PD.

Genc Ruli, Besnik Mustafaj, Mark Marku, Bujar Nishani and Enriketa Papa decided to disqualify 163 names from the lists of candidates for MP, including members of the parliamentary group.

More than 30 percent of MPs who entered parliament in 2017, as Lulzim Basha’s list, do not have control of the Democratic Party candidate evaluation committee.

With more than 160 names, Genc Ruli, Besnik Mustafaj, Mark Marku, Bujar Nishani and Enriketa Papa have been disqualified, including members of the parliamentary group.

The list was sent to the mayor Lulzim Basha, while it has not been made public yet, but it is learned that the commission has estimated that some former MPs Ervin Salianji, Endri Hasa, Romeo Gurakuqi who in 2017 was the first in Shkodra, Izmina Ulqinaku in Shkodra, Lindita Metaliaj who was elected MP in Lezha, Nadire Mecorapaj who was elected in Vlora and Fatbardha Kadiu in Durrës, should not run on behalf of the DP on April 25.

Former MPs, of the 2017 parliamentary group and former mayor, have previously been disqualified from membership, starting with Klevis Balliu in Pogradec, Hekuran Hoxholli in devoll, Astrit Veliaj in Berat and the mayors of Tropoja, Kukes and Pogradec.

In the instruction approved by the DP leadership, the names disqualified or rejected by the base will not be candidates for MP, but will be part of the body with which the DP will govern the country.

This process of selecting candidates from the membership is carried out for the first time by a political party, while in the first phase the members of the Democratic Party proposed about 3600 candidates, but after evaluation by the commission and voting in all branches of the party, the final list there are 326 candidates.

These names will serve as the basis, where the presidency will draft and approve the final list for the April 25 elections.