"The Country In A Critical Phase", Basha Presents The "Recovery Plan", Here Are 5 Points

"The Country In A Critical Phase", Basha Presents The "Recovery

During a communication with the media, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha presented what he called the "Recovery Plan".

The first point of the plan

1. Support and preparation of the health system: Preparing for another outbreak of COVID-19 infection, by:

a) Increase the number of tests for COVID to 2500 tests per day.

b) Full reimbursement for receiving outpatient treatment against COVID.

c) Providing protective equipment for all health personnel and increasing hospital capacity.

d) Bonus 1000 Euros for each doctor and 500 Euros for each nurse for the next 6 months.

The second point of the plan

2. Educate our children safely: Ensure that children and teachers at school are safe by:

a) Improve sanitary conditions in schools including water supply, equipping with protective masks and regular disinfection of teaching facilities.

b) Perform periodic testing for teachers and support staff.

c) Invest in technology in cases where distance learning can be applied, including helping low-income families to buy tablets for their children, so that they too can benefit from distance learning.

The third point of the plan:

3. No Albanian should be neglected:

a) To support those who have lost their jobs. Every individual who has lost his job due to the pandemic during this year, to receive a monthly check of 16 thousand new lek per month, in addition to the legal payment for unemployment, for a period of 6 months.

b) Establishment of an Employment Fund to support businesses to re-employ those who left during the pandemic, allocating to each employer who re-employs an individual who has lost his job due to the pandemic, a monthly amount of 20 thousand ALL new per month for a period of 6 months.

c) Doubling the economic assistance for each family that is treated with economic assistance.

d) Each pensioner to receive a monthly check of 2 thousand new lek per month to cover the additional costs of the pandemic, for 6 months.

The fourth point of the plan:

4. Small Business Assistance: Direct support for all small businesses affected by the pandemic. Check of 1000 euros for each small active business.

Fifth plan of the plan:

5. Support for manufacturing business and large employers:

a) For the next 6 months, a subsidy of 50% of the rent for work premises or abolition of the property tax for businesses that own work premises.

b) Timeliness and reconceptualization of the criteria for benefiting from both sovereign guarantee schemes, in order to make borrowing from business more accessible and affordable. Setting a 2% interest rate ceiling for the business, subsidizing any percentage above this value in borrowing for investment and operating expenses.