The chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, has called on young people to become part of politics and vote. According to him, only in this way will they decide on the future through decision-making

In the meeting with the youth in the Lapraka area in Tirana, the chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, called on them to participate as much as possible in politics.

According to him, only in this way will Albanians be able to decide on their future.

Mediu: Who among us will contemplate his fate. If we contemplate it we will be victims, others will decide for us. If we will debate with each other, we will engage in politics, then obviously we will have the opportunity to decide for our fate and the fate of our families, our people and the Albanian society.

According to Mediu, April 25 will be the best opportunity for Albania to move closer to the European Union.

Mediu: April 25 is important, because it will reunite us again with the advanced European part, to make Albania part of Europe, and I am convinced that with deep reforms, with a fair governance, which stems from the vote of Albanians, governs with Albanians, for the interest of Albanians, undoubtedly within the first 4 years, we will make Albania a member of the European Union, thanks to reforms that have in the first place the national interest as a priority, the interest of Albania, the fight against crime organized.

Mediu stressed that Edi Rama destroyed the concept of the state.

Mediu: He has managed today to be the only one who does not ask about the Socialist Party, nor the government, nor the Parliament, nor the judiciary.