The Socialists to remove the pre-election coalitions came out against not only President Ilir Meta, but also the European Union. Despite EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varherly directly urging Edi Rama to wait for Venice’s opinion and then re-vote the code, the prime minister preferred to decide on the SP’s interest.

Tirana- While Rama was talking from Rinas airport that the parliament would not wait for the Venice commission, in the same wavelength, the Law Commission, conducted online, overturned the decree of the Head of State to open the way to the parliament on Thursday.

Fifteen deputies voted against while 2 deputies voted in favor, Korab Lita and Adriatik Alimadhi.

In 81 pages of arguments of the President, the Socialists have concluded that the position of Ilir Meta is only emotional and is not based on the Electoral Code.

The president’s arguments that the removal of pre-election coalitions is a move by Rama to harm the united opposition are also accepted by the Socialists, but underlining that it guaranteed competitiveness.

On Thursday in the planning session, the majority together with the votes of the minority deputies will re-vote the Electoral Code once again without waiting for the opinion of the Venice Commission.

Meta asked them to wait for the Venice

Before the start of the meeting of the law commissioner, President Ilir Meta addressed a request to the Albanian Parliament to receive the opinion of the Venice Commission.

During the meeting, the Advisor to the President Ilir Meta, Bledar Dervishaj said that any change constitutes a clear violation of the rules of the game and that it violated the June 5 agreement.