“Our country has entered a new situation much more unpredictable and certainly chaotic and completely out of control.”

This is how the vice president of the SMI, Petrit Vasili, started today’s press conference.

According to him, Prime Minister Edi Rama wasted time for 8 months, while accusing him of using the pandemic for political purposes.

I am directly addressing the prime minister, the time of squandering is long over. You have been wasting time for 8 months with video stupidities and I am full of all kinds of anti-scientific, anti-epidemiological improvisations that you save money for instead dealing with the pandemic and treat all kinds of secret oligarchic tenders with money, etc.“, said Vasili.

Asking for solidarity among the citizens, Vasili also spoke about the use of masks, but as a last resort.

“Use masks as a supplementary measure, but without testing, tracking, treatment, case differentiation, disinfection, physical distancing, etc., masks are of no value. They are just propaganda of a man who is happy to impose thousands of fines on citizens instead of giving them solutions. Do not listen, abandon, despise the words of this charlatan who has the grief of his chair and not the pandemic “.