Covid-19 isolated him at home, but did not save Voltana Ademi from the lawsuit filed in court by the Shkodra municipal council.

The incumbent mayor must face the lawsuit filed for the replacement and appointment of members of the supervisory board of KF Vllaznia.

According to the elected socialists, Ademi, even though the decisions of the council were made available to her, she returned them with the argument that the documentation is not in the proper legal form.

According to councilor Arbis Vjerdha, the lawsuit has no value on this argument, but according to him, it should be done for the endless abuses that have occurred in all these years at the red and blue club.

The parties will be seen in court, where they will face positions on this issue.

Meanwhile, Voltana Ademi herself, a few hours after the meeting, contacted by Ora News on this fact, says that she is calm in exercising her duty.

Ademi: I am not familiar with draft decisions. I first heard it on television. I am calm in the exercise of my duty correctly. From appearing at the council session technically I understood nothing of the allegations. I will read it carefully and shed light professionally on any ambiguities in the application of the law if any. Since you ask me, I am sending you the decisions of all the mayors of Vlora, Kamza, Lushnja, etc. They have exercised the duty given to them by the law as provided by law. I do not believe that Shkodra makes any exception for the fact of being in opposition.