The Democratic Party accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of forgetting the families affected by the earthquake. Referring to the case of Manjola Cakoni, who lost half her family from the collapse of the house, former MP Grida Duma said that this citizen was threatened by Prime Minister Edi Rama over the phone after denouncing the government’s forgetfulness in the media.

Manjola Cakoni and her son Alesio survived the November 26 earthquake in Thumana, but lost half of their family, husband and daughter.

This family returned to the center of attention due to the fact that the Prime Minister Edi Rama himself appeared many times in the new house while the 11-year-old boy was taken and sent to Italy to meet the Juventus football player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

But these moments were quickly forgotten. Manjola Cakoni, a day ago publicly denounced the abandonment that was done to her by state institutions.

But more than that today she denounces a scandal. Cakoni claims that she was called and threatened by Prime Minister Edi Rama, because she complained to the media.

“Yesterday I went on TV and told my grief, my concern for myself and my child. And when I saw myself there I felt very bad, and then I went to the hospital.

I went to the hospital. On the way from the hospital, someone from the Prime Minister’s Office called me. My mom answers that I was sick and says:

“Shame on Manjola!” “Shame on Manjola!” I do not believe I have done any shame. I demanded my right and for my child. I do not want anything else. I just want my right, for myself and for my child and so on.

He had said: “I am Edi. Edi Rama. “Shame on Manjola for what she did today. “I was sick, I had serum, I was very ill. If I were right, I would say to him: I have not done any shame, you have done me shame, let me take you to this point. As soon as I get to the hospital. Maybe you want me to die too and become three victims, even if you give money to my son. That’s all”.

The former MP, Grida Duma, said that the prime minister’s propaganda with the earthquake victims has decreased.

Duma: Their public appearance, their interview, of Manjola, mother and Alesio, to just ask for their right, broadcast by the media in all its authenticity caused a damage to Edi Rama, totally dismantled the whole series of telenovela with its director and tutorial and main actor Edi Rama.

Their truth completely shattered and shattered the propaganda by showing Albanians the truth between the screen and reality.

Albanians believe and hope that in this testimony they will hear and prove the situation that hangs with the helpless from their prime minister to the threat, Edi Rama. Based on the testimony of this mother, she has in fact committed a criminal act, threatening humiliation.