During yesterday’s conference, the Prime Minister, Edi Rama said that people who test positive with Covid-19 will not vote, emphasizing the importance of health in the first place.

And this statement of the Prime Minister has provoked a debate in public opinion, a debate which was moved to the table of the show “Tempora” on RTV Ora last night.

Part of the panel was also the chairman of the Nisma Thurje party, Endri Shabani, who said that this decision taken does not belong to the Prime Minister but to the relevant institutions in this case to the Court.

“In a democracy, sovereignty, power belongs to the people. The people select several representatives, in this case elect a majority which is represented by a Prime Minister and he administers the common property. Now what happened? The moment Rama comes to power begins to decide who gets rich and who does not, then who is sheltered and who is not, then who is fed and who is not, decided with the pandemic who will be vaccinated and who not, who dies or lives and has now reached the foundation which decides who will vote and who will not vote. This is the end of a democracy.

So who will be our chosen one determines whether we should vote or not. We have appointed an Institution that interprets the law, while it comes out and determines it will vote, it will not vote. It is clear that he also knows and he understands where we have come from. How can the Prime Minister determine who votes, we elect the Prime Minister through this vote. So he is the one who is choosing the voter, not the voter,” he said.

Recall that on February 14, Kosovo held elections where special teams went to all people infected with Covid-19 to get their vote.