Prime Minister Edi Rama is delivering his speech at the Summit organized by “The Economist” in Athens.

In his speech, among other things, the head of government said that we should be stronger when we are hit by the waves of populism, while talking about the issue of the sea with Greece and the Turkish-Greek clashes in the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to Rama, Albania-Greece relations as states should be raised to the level of relations between the two peoples, while he added that the sea issue should be resolved by the International Court, to avoid, as he said, patriotism in both countries.

When you invite the Balkans to the panel, make sure you have more time. This is a very interesting region. We love to talk. I would simply say that this was an agreement that was rejected by the Constitutional Court. I am confident that we are on the right track. We have had an intensive dialogue with the previous government. Suddenly, from time to time, they turn into hot issues in the fire of local politics, in fact they are simply issues that have no fire in the Albanian-Greek relations.

Our challenge is to do politics between two countries such as relations between two peoples. What I see from Greek friends, there is no negative feeling or resentment among people. It is quite the opposite. We force people to take relationships to this level. With the new government we are in the right direction. We can resolve not only this but also other issues to no longer be used by the dark political forces in our countries.

The best solution The International Court avoids patriotism “, said Rama, among others.