It has been 18 days since President Ilir Meta addressed an official letter to Prime Minister Rama asking for information about the discussions between him and his Greek counterpart on the issue of the maritime border, but the Office of the Presidency has not yet received a response.

This fact was announced by Meta himself during a communication with journalists.

The head of state rejected a direct comment on the prime minister’s proposal that the issue be resolved through the mediation of a third party or in an international court, but stressed that the maritime border with Greece should be determined as soon as possible in favor of both countries and two our peoples.

Meta also responded to the accusations of the majority against him for double attitudes towards the “Sea”, referring to it as nonsense.

Meta: Regarding the issue in question which is a sensitive issue of 12 years between Albania and Greece but it is a very sensitive problem and within the country for the history you know, the president has always been coherent and cooperative with the government, our institutions as we all represent a party and the duties of each party or institution are determined by the decision of the Constitutional Court.

The President in the most cooperative way has fulfilled all his obligations and has always been very cooperative with the government. For almost 20 days we have sent a formal request in fulfillment of the obligations that the president has for such an issue. We still do not have an answer, we are patient.

The president’s institution has sent requests to the prime minister and the government, as well as other previous information on this issue, which has not received a response. The President has never played and does not play with such an issue or any kind of issue related to the relationship between Albania and Greece. Despite the tricks to test the president on this issue as well, the position of the president has been very clear, respect for the Constitution, the decision of the Constitutional Court and cooperation with all our institutions.

The president holds neither double nor triple positions, the president has only one position: To be resolved as soon as possible so that this issue is a source of trust between our two countries and our two peoples forever. Not to undermine this relationship through insincere attitudes that constantly change according to the current conjunctures here and beyond. For me, friendship with Greece in particular but also with all other neighbors is very important to be protected, developed and strengthened.