MP Rudina Hajdari was seen very nervous during her speech in the Parliament.

According to her, the session that is taking place should be stopped because, according to her, it is a shameful act against Albanians.

Rudina Hajdari: I guarantee you that this month of September I have not stopped meeting and receiving your opinions, and today I am talking about those Albanians who have been much wiser than those I have met in this room. They know very well that in this hall there are only frauds, here only bargains are made, they know that when this session ends, most sit down and bargain and sell themselves as patriots.

It was this plenary hall where in 1992, when you promised the Albanians that you would condemn the crimes of communism, you deceived them that you did not do it, but I am with those who are disappointed that you did not do it, this was the hall where you said Albanians put the money in pyramid schemes and took the country to the biggest horrors that have passed, I am with those who are disappointed that you cheated them was this room in 1998 that you will return the money that you will return the lost money in the companies pyramid.

It has been this hall for 30 years that has told Albanians since 2001 that you will join the EU, today is 2020 and here we are today. Today Albanians are fleeing by truck to England and the Netherlands. It was this hall that you will not impose trash and in the end pass the law.

Order the preferred vote, but in the end I will decide. Do not act as a patriot as if you love this country, I urge you to reflect, stop this shameful session that you do to the citizens, because we are here for them and not for a group of people. Open the lists that the Electoral Code is changed once, not as many times as you like, give the Albanians the opportunity to vote what they want. Reflect MPs, stop this session and do not be part of this ugly acting, what I will do, I will not leave the rostrum”.

Afterwards, the deputy was interrupted by the Speaker of the Assembly, who asked her to release the rostrum, but Hajdari said that she does not move without stopping before the session.

Today’s parliamentary session is expected to vote on the new Electoral Code, which comes not in consensus with the opposition outside parliament.