RTV Ora and Antonio Notto published this Tuesday the first national poll, according to which SP, SMI and PDIU have a decrease from the 2017 elections, while DP has an increase.

Meanwhile, in the special poll for the Durrës region, SP, SMI and PDIU have a decrease.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is growing. But the united opposition turns out to be the winner for this district.

Where are the most focused calls?

Antonio Notto: In general, in the prefecture of Durrës, it is proportional to the number of inhabitants. If Durrës has 49% of inhabitants, 49% of our sample is taken in the city of Durrës. We had as reference the percentage of inhabitants in the city of Durrës compared to the prefecture of Durrës.

Artan Hoxha: There is a return of the Democratic Party to its historical levels in this region. It is a recovery from 2017. Money is needed if there is a difference in recovery for the Durrës part of the county versus the Krutan part and Krutan area of the county. In the municipalities of Kruja and Fushë Krujë there is a pretty big impact of organized crime including Shijak. It must be seen carefully.

Dritan Hila: It seems to me a spectacular increase of DP with 16 points, 1/3, or it is incorrect, the champion or he has problems with the reconstruction. Regarding the SMI, I am skeptical that a historical SMI MP, Lefter Koka, has left. He is an influential man and has an influential family.

Artan Hoxha: The exponent myth is not as strong as it seems.

Dritan Hila: Influential people will remain influential. SP having no allies will rely on these. April will confirm the result of the SMI.

Antoni Notto: In the prefecture of Durrës the number of interviews is 1000, divided between the city of Durrës and other municipalities. It is made with landline and mobile phone.

Agron Gjekmarkaj: After the national poll, this one from Durrës is the most interesting. This city is boiling for a number of reasons. In Durrës I see the locomotive of change in Albania, it is expressed in percentages.