Reconstruction of the city of Durrës and areas affected by the earthquake of November 26, 2019, continues to be one of the problems that the DP often addresses.

Former MP Grida Duma in a statement said that so far no promised construction has been completed, adding that this year has been a ordeal of suffering for citizens.

“Today, a year after the terrible earthquake of November 26, Durrës is completely abandoned. There is not even a single finished building. Zero!       

All this past year amid the ordeal of suffering, in tents, in the cold, in the heat, in the ruins of houses, in damaged palaces, has been worthless. Reconstruction procedures are being dragged out by ‘Disaster Thieves’, who like shadows are waiting to manipulate the next theft,” Duma said.

The Democrat went on to add that “So far they have tendered with 99.1% of the limit fund, proving that for this government and their deputies in the municipality, the priority is not at all the reconstruction of housing quickly and at the lowest cost, but quite the opposite.

99.1% of the limit fund allocated for the reconstruction in Durrës means that everything is predetermined, there is no real competition, no quality, no speed in construction. It means many more months of rent, without a house, because those who govern are a bunch of mobsters who are stealing the most injured citizens.”