After the statements about the oil workers’ strike in Ballsh, Prime Minister Edi Rama returned to President Ilir Meta without sparing irony.

According to the head of government, the deputies of the new opposition, who according to the president are illegitimate, he has found them on the Moon, Mars and Jupiter in cooperation with Taulant Balla and some aliens.

Edi Rama: “Now for Ilir Meta. Today, Ilir Meta has invited the Parliament to overturn his decree by challenging the parliament. Not only those who voted Pro but also those who voted Against, in their integrity not as persons, but as members of this parliament.

According to Ilir Meta, this parliament has no legitimacy for its work because according to Ilir Meta, you who are here to replace those who were here, I brought you with Taulant Balla, in cooperation with some aliens. We found you on the moon, we found you on Mars, we even found some of you on Jupiter.

All of you have come here with the firm of Lulzim Basha and Monika Krymeadhi”.