From the city of Vlora, Prime Minister Edi Rama again made accusations against the President of the Republic, not sparing even the words to the head of state.

According to Rama, Ilir Meta wants to become Vojo Kushi, not in the face of the pandemic, but against the ruling majority.

Edi Rama:Such an opposition, in the first place to the DP to remain on top of the language propaganda of catastrophe, mourning and on the other hand to turn this country with a president, completely drunk and says he puts a grade of 10 -of this opposition.

Of course, it is understandable, I put a grade of 10 on this opposition because for itself it goes even further, it dreams of war, not with the Covid, but with the government, with the majority that has turned it into a target as if it were a hostile force.

He dreams of becoming Vojo Kushi on the imaginary tank of a regime that is oppressive for Ilir Meta, because he suppresses his dream to wander around like the third truth, once here and there, oh here or there, to continue milking the cows for the milk of the Monica enterprise”.

This is not the first time that Prime Minister Edi Rama “indirectly” threatens the President of the Republic.

At the October 29 plenary session, the head of government will address the head of state with the words: “Now what does he want, to become king or to fall a martyr?”.

This statement was followed by a harsh reaction from President Meta.

“It is a threat that he makes on behalf of the enemies of Albania who are worried that he is ruining them, dismantling all plans, from the total capture of justice reform from the games with the borders of Kosovo, here there is an obstacle that will have till the end. I have the pleasure to fall a martyr”, said Meta, among others, while he was invited to the “Zonë e Lirë”.