Prime Minister Edi Rama is in Vienna as the head of the OSCE.

Speaking about the resumption of negotiations with Greece on the sea, Rama said that the statement of Prime Minister Mitsotakis on the expansion of Greek territorial waters has nothing to do with Albania.

Edi Rama: “Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ statement on the expansion of Greece’s territorial waters has nothing to do with our territorial waters. It has nothing to do with the agreement we are working on, but which we have not reached with the Greek side.

It has nothing to do with anything that has been said  intentionally or out of ignorance to artificially incite a concern. Why is there no connection? Because the extension to 6 miles plus in territorial waters is the right of every country.

Albania has exercised this right, we are lying in our territorial waters with 6 miles in 1990. We have exercised this right, we have deposited it in the UN in 1990, Greece has nothing to dispute.

To those of us who ask where they are lying, I am telling you that there are intermediate waters between the territorial waters of countries. So, just as there are between settlements and between states to cross, there are roads to cross the sea, which are common roads. ”

Still no maritime agreement with Greece

Edi Rama:What is happening between Greece and Turkey is a dispute over the demilitarization of the territorial waters of one country and the other.

A dispute that we are dealing with constructively, but for which we do not have a final agreement and agreement between the two parties.