Prime Minister Edi Rama and PD chairman Lulzim Basha did not tell reporters a specific date when they proposed to the president to hold parliamentary elections.

It is important for Basha to hold the elections as soon as possible, while Rama expressed his readiness on any date, except May 2, which coincides with Orthodox Easter.

Today is a busy day for the President of the Republic Ilir Meta, who is holding consultations with the leaders of political parties, on the date of the parliamentary elections.

Basha: As soon as possible

In a statement to the media, Basha said that it was important that the elections be held as soon as possible.

Lulzim Basha: “The absolute majority of Albanians want elections today, not tomorrow. They want solutions because they are tired of propaganda, failures and deceptions. Citizens urgently need jobs, businesses urgently need support. Doctors and nurses need salary increases, dignified conditions to deal with the health collapse that has become more apparent due to the pandemic.”      

At 12:00 – DP Chairman Lulzim Basha arrives at the presidency.

11:24 In a black mask, Rama meets Meta

The only one with a mask, Prime Minister Edi Rama was in the presidency at the meeting convened by the president on the date of the elections.

Sources from the presidency suggest that Rama has told the president that he was ready for elections on any date, except May 2, which is Orthodox Easter.

The meeting did not last long, only a few minutes and Rama left again by car without giving any statement to the media installed in the presidency today.

Prime Minister Edi Rama arrived at the presidency accompanied by Taulant Balla.

11:00 PR of AEP: On April 18, PDIU of PBDNJ: As soon as possible

The meetings started at 09:30 and will continue until late afternoon. What is noticeable is that all parties agree that the date of the elections should be closer to exactly 18 April.

AEP: Elections on April 18

The Agrarian Environmentalist Party, represented by Arben Tafaj, will take place on April 18

“April 18 is a suitable date because May is an inappropriate period and many Albanians go abroad to work. While April 18 coincides between the two Easter holidays.”

Dule: As soon as possible

10:30 Vangjel Dule of PBDNJ and Dashamir Shehi are also in the Presidency.

PBDNJ leader Vangjel Dule has proposed the fastest date to the president.

Vangjel Dule in a statement for the media: We appreciate the president’s invitation to the political forces to discuss the election date as an act of responsibility. From my point of view, the political reality situation requires the conduct of elections with the fastest procedure and at the best possible time. The fastest possible date in accordance with the legislation.

10:10 PR proposes April 18th

The Republican Party proposes April 18th.

PR representative Arjan Madhi after the meeting with Meta said: “We will be participants in every roundtable that will address the adaptation of the Electoral Code to the constitutional changes that brought new constitutional lists will be open. Any other attempt that could put another agenda would require the political consent of the political council.”

Idrizi: The date should be as close as possible

“We expressed the position that it should be the fastest date provided by the Constitution, as the country is in a deep economic and social crisis.”

At 09:40 – The chairman of PDIU, Shpetim Idrizi, arrived at the presidency. Then there were the PR representative, Arjan Madhi and the leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Nard Ndoka.

Other meetings

11:00 – In the headquarters of the presidency is asked to be the chairman of the Socialist Party Edi Rama, or persons authorized by him.

12:00 – Only one hour after the conversation with the majority, Meta has invited Lulzim Basha or persons authorized by him to the meeting.

12:30 – The chairwoman of the SMI, Monika Kryemadhi, or persons authorized by her, have been invited to the presidency.

17:30 – Rudina Hajdari is invited to the presidency.

Two possible dates – According to the new changes, the elections will take place in the period April 15 – May 15, so as not to affect the tourist season. But, another period remains and October 15 to November 15.

So far it seems that the parties have agreed that the voting will be held in the period April – May. According to the electoral code, the date of the elections must be announced 9 months before the end of the mandate of the current assembly.

Meanwhile, the US ambassador, through a letter sent to the main parties, asks the political forces to veto the candidates who must have moral integrity. According to her, party leaders are responsible for their selection.