Rama In Prrenjas: In The Third Term We Will Go Over 1 Billion Agricultural Exports

Rama In Prrenjas: In The Third Term We Will Go Over 1 Billion Agricultural

The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama during the electoral meeting in Prrenjas said that during the third term he aims to lead up to 1 billion agricultural exports.

According to Rama, exports today reach 400 million, while it is said that there is almost an agricultural package which has been approved and is waiting to be delivered.

Rama: "Those who do what they say are us, the Socialist Party of Albania. Everyone who has devoted his passion, devotes his time, devotes his life to the land, to the work of agriculture, to the work of livestock, to the production from the land, to life and profit through production should know today that while others talk about the EU as a destination, our agriculture, the sector of production, processing, collection within the entire agricultural sector are part of the engagement with the EU.

In the last two years alone, 120 million have been invested in the village for collection points, processing and all this has been done with EU and government funding. Another great package is about to be delivered, approved. Meanwhile, another important financial measure will be made available to all those who want to continue to produce and increase profits and exports.

We started with agricultural exports that were about 100 million a year, today we are at 400 million. In the third term without a doubt we will go over 1 billion agricultural exports.

We must insist that Albania's economic growth translate into economic growth for every family, in the village or in the city. "

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