The four killed on January 21, 2011: Aleks Nika, Ziver Veizi, Hekuran Deda and Faik Myrtaj are declared “Martyrs of the Motherland”

The decision was made public by Prime Minister Edi Rama, today at the memorial ceremony for the 10th anniversary of January 21, 2011, the protest in front of the Prime Minister’s building.

During his speech, the head of government stated, among other things, that the loss of 4 lives have affected the history of Albania in two directions: the relationship of the government in relation to the protest and the transformation of the justice system.

Edi Rama: “Today is the day to make a reflection after a 10-year journey in an effort to jointly understand how that tragic event and 4 innocent lives lost have influenced our new history in two directions.

On the one hand in terms of the government’s relationship with the protest and on the other in terms of transforming the justice system. January 21 beyond the inconsolable wounds, which open the soul of the families of the 4 martyrs.

If we look at it in the first aspect, today we have all the reasons to bow with gratitude before the memory of these 4 martyrs, whose loss of life marked a red line for all, making the strength of the state insurmountable in relation to freedom and the right to protest.

I am proud that we, as part of that effort in another extremely difficult time in taking responsibility for the governance of the country, have been the embodiment of an unwavering will to guarantee for all and always.”

The ceremony is being held at the prime minister.