Rama and his ministers have tripled their assets.

This is what the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, wrote in a reaction on Facebook, referring to an investigative article by Birn.

According to the opposition leader, Rama and his government take care only of themselves, so he adds that Albania needs a government that thinks about the citizens.

Lulzim Basha: As the economy is collapsing every day, unemployment is rising and poverty has dropped sharply in Albanian families, Rama and his ministers have tripled their wealth. Rama and his government only take care of themselves. Enough is enough! It is time for change, it is time for a government that cares about its citizens, not itself.

Through a request based on the law on the right to information, BIRN received from HIDAACI copies of 279 annual periodic statements made during 2013-2018 by ministers and Prime Minister Edi Rama. Part of the analysis were 16 members of the government cabinet in the years 2018-2019 and 11 former ministers.

Excluding the first year of declaration for each of them, 252 declarations were subjected to the method of arithmetic-logical control. Data analysis shows that 39 of the 252 statements completed by the ministers and the prime minister during 2013-2018 failed to pass the arithmetic and logical control. Problem statements account for 15.5% of the total analyzed.

Unjustified assets, according to the arithmetic-logical control of the declarations submitted to the High Inspectorate of Declaration of Assets and Conflict of Interest, HIDAACI captures the value of 398.8 million ALL or 83% of the total net assets of the Cabinet.

Of the total number of ministers and former ministers who underwent arithmetic-logical control, 18 of them resulted in unjustified assets in at least one year of declaration of assets, while 9 members of the government cabinet resulted without problems.

Of the 18 ministers who resulted in problem statements, six have 1 statement with unjustified assets, nine have 2-3 statements and three have 4-5 problem statements.

Data on asset declarations analyzed by BIRN show that before taking office, the total gross family wealth of the 27 members of the government cabinet was ALL 563.1 million.

Until 2018, this wealth increased by 2.65 times, reaching a value of ALL 1.49 billion, for a total additional of ALL 928.4 million or an average additional per member of ALL 34 million.

The largest value in the assets of the members of the cabinet of the government ‘Rama’ is occupied by the real estate in the figure of 745.4 million ALL or 50% of the total, followed by the bank liquidations with the value of 520 million ALL or 34.9% of the total.

Other items such as vehicles, cash, lending or equity / shares account for a total of about 15% of assets. From 2013 to 2018, the category of assets that has recorded the highest growth rate is lending, which increased 80-fold from 300 thousand to 24 million.

About 26% of the declared assets have as a source of creation financial liabilities in a total value of 392.8 million ALL. Of this amount, 63.7% are bank loans, 25.9% or ALL 101.8 million are liabilities to construction companies and 9.3% or ALL 36.6 million are borrowings.