President Ilir Meta returns to the government another law, the one on national taxes, which provides for the freezing of mining rent for 3 years.

According to the Head of State, the initiative is expected to bring a loss of 500 million ALL to the state budget.  

Table:Apart from the fact that the analysis of financial effects has not been completed, but is limited to a period of 3 years, this amount in the form of negative effects directly affects the investments of local government units.”

Another argument mentioned in the accompanying report is the fact that it has not been discussed with stakeholders.

Table: “approved without any consultation with the local government, which is a direct beneficiary of a percentage of revenues from royalties, violating the principle of decentralization and autonomy of this government, as well as the public interest to benefit from the funds planned to be invested in several local self-government units.”

According to the Presidency, in addition to the loss of income, this change is considered a flagrant misuse of national wealth.

Table: For the above, in addition to budget revenue losses, and fiscal differentiation on a clientelistic basis, the proposed change affects the objective use of national wealth which, if consumed in this way, does not reap the benefits that belong to all society, is considered its flagrant abuse.

The head of state emphasizes that this facilitative selection only for one sector without any transparency is an indication that certain economic entities have been favored and the sector has not been facilitated.