“Poverty is deepening. Where is Edi Rama’s third package? ”

This was the question of the DP leader Lulzim Basha about the Prime Minister as he spoke at a long press conference about the situation that is going through the country and the increase of cases with Covid-19.

He asked Rama to give up luxury spending but to respond as according to him, the health system is in complete collapse.

Lulzim Basha: “Poverty is deepening everywhere in Albania. Edi Rama, where is your third package? Where is Covid3 and Covid4 with masks and accessories and doctors? Where is the bonus for doctors? Health is in collapse. Money should be invested in health and not in concessions.

Has reconstructed the office 3 times. Luxury after luxury, does not give up, even though he will not be there. People have lost their jobs and Rama is not being responsible for them.

The victims who lose their lives in this pandemic, due to the chaos of the hospitals, have a responsible person and this is Edi Rama, because the money is here, but the prime minister spends it for his office”.