"Politicians Away From Crime" EU: Only Free Elections Legitimize The Next Government

"Politicians Away From Crime" EU: Only Free Elections Legitimize The

Staying away from the crime of corruption, punishing cases of vote-buying and venting political tension have been the three messages of the Rapporteur for Albania in the European Parliament, Isabele Santos. She said that the pre-election clashes should be extinguished and that the parties should put the national interest in the foreground.

Tirana- The rapporteur for Albania in the European Parliament, Isabelle Santos, has asked politicians to stay away from crime and corruption, as a basic principle of Western democracies. The Portuguese MEP, in response to the interest of RTV Ora, said that another worrying thing from the pre-election climate has to do with the existing tension between the parties.

"It is very clear that politicians must stay away from corruption and organized crime. This is a message that goes to all countries and Albania is no exception. As for the upcoming elections, politicians will have to overcome the tension that has accumulated. They must return to an open and constructive dialogue, which must be focused on the national interest.

It happens in my country and in all places; often times political debate can be very passionate. There are agreements and disagreements. But beyond all disagreements, it is important to find the key points on which we can focus. Only in this way can the final goal of politics be achieved, which is to work for the well-being of the citizens."

Santos also said that the EU will closely monitor the electoral process in Albania, including cases of suspected vote-buying.

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