In a press release from the SMI headquarters, Monika Kryemadhi responded to the accusations of Prime Minister Edi Rama today in Parliament.

According to her, the behavior of the Prime Minister today in the session shows fear, while warning him about the fate that awaits him.

Rama showed that he is afraid today. Today, Edi Rama showed that he is afraid and cannot be separated from the gangs. It is the enemy of the citizens who lost their homes in the earthquake.

Edi Rama today is the enemy of Albanian doctors and nurses. That have no protection from the pandemic. Instead, he spends their money on secret decisions with the oligarchs.

He is the enemy of education and teachers. It’s been the last 6 months. Today makes as strong, but night brings emissaries.

In vain you get tired, the stinking smell of a political corpse can not be covered even by the most expensive perfumes. You have the place, there with the collaborators, you will be a colleague of the cell of your collaborators “, said among others Kryemadhi.