During her speech at the plenary session, the parliamentary opposition MP Rudina Hajdari raised the issue of oil workers, who have been protesting for several months to demand arrears of wages.

According to the MP, this is the model we have set up in Albania, while he added that after the privatization of ARMO during the PD government, the company’s debt has reached 900 million dollars.

Tireless people who are not paid, on the other hand we have some people who are greedy, have taken this wealth and used it and put the country in the pit. I want to mention the Ballsh oil workers who are people with dignity have returned without dignity because there is no one to protect them, the deputies are silent, the government is silent, but also an opposition that is outside the parliament and it is silent and this is scandalous. Previously and why it was a corrupt business still brought profit to the state. Since the weapon was privatized, since the time of Berisha, it has led the country into the pit.

They are right to demand their salaries, they have left this country owed 900 million euros. Are there any proceedings for these persons do not pay the workers. In time these oilmen take to the streets to protest. A group of greedy people living as sheikhs, while those seeking wages are prosecuted. Today we are silent in front of those who demand wages. This type of system must be scaled up “, said among others Hajdari.