SMI Vice President Petrit Vasili has issued a statement to the media strongly condemning the expansion of Greece by 12 miles in the Albanian maritime space.

Vasili said that the lack of transparency with the people is and the lack of reactions from the Prime Minister is a deliberate interest to sell the interests of the country.

Vasili: What will they go to the international court for? In what? Where are the disagreements? What is he afraid of being transparent with Albanians?

Albania’s borders are not the property of this bandit. They will be there even when he leaves, but he will not be forgotten as a traitor. These correct and definite answers await the Albanians. They no longer want idiocy and no longer want to listen to their neighbors’ advocacy at their expense. Albanians want Albania’s advocacy.

Why in 30 years only this time with this prime minister did such a decision dare to be made? What were the promises, the open-heartedness in August of this year? When we as the opposition and the citizens raised the alarm about what was going to happen. Did you move your finger? Did he request the meeting of the forums? Were you consulted with international partners about the stay? Zero! Intentional inactivity to sell Albania’s interests. This is called betrayal to high treason.

This is not escaped with bazaar locks, with orange bullshit or even with village variety shows, this prime minister that Albania has only market loot. He will be remembered as the chief shopkeeper of Albania, because he has appropriated the position of the chief liar.