Shortly before the start of the next meeting of the Political Council, the representative of the Democratic Party at the table for Electoral Reform Oerd Bylykbashi stated before the start of the meeting of the Political Council that the opposition and the majority are divided on the issue of coalitions, but the SP refuses to send this points in the ODIHR.

He described the behavior of the majority as a blocking step.

For more than two weeks now, the opposition has been asking the Political Council to address ODHIR as the first point of the issue, which divides us essentially for the coalitions. She refuses to send the ODIHR request by obstructing the Political Council. If it continues today, they will block the consensus for the Electoral Reform”, said Bylykbashi.

Earlier, Bylykbashi and Vasili sent a letter to the Political Council requesting OSCE/ODIHR expertise regarding the parties’ disagreements over coalitions.