The President of the Republic Ilir Meta delivered a speech at the civil society table regarding the referendums.

According to the president, any law that he saw as contrary to the Constitution and the civic interest has been returned to the Assembly for reconsideration.

There will be no European future for Albania without a law on referendums and without making changes in the Constitution of Albania that it can never be changed even by 140 legitimate deputies, but everything must be done by referendum,” said Meta.

According to the president, the rejection in Parliament of the decree on the Electoral Code is a step towards the country’s European integration.

Ilir Meta: “The first precedent was that of 2008 which gave a heart attack to the parliamentary system and brought us here to the democracy of the oligarchs. That is why yesterday 97 deputies rejected the recommendations of the internationals and rejected the integration of Albania and not only for the elections of April 25 but also beyond. We have had a one-party parliament for 20 months, out of 140 deputies there are 122 formally, the Constitutional Court has been absent for 32 months and in this respect the Constitution is not respected. In this context, when the rights are violated, the people have the right to decide the rights themselves through a referendum.

41 laws have been returned by the president to the Assembly for reconsideration. What could have happened by international agreement with the acts of the council of ministers.

What is happening every day with the illegal actions of the police and the state when and how the voice of the people will be heard. Impossible to express in words the absurdity of this situation.

Foreign and domestic business has long been afraid to invest in Albania. Arbitrary decisions. There is no accountability, the mechanisms have been almost extinguished for 3 years.”