On The Eve Of The Elections, The EU Also Calls For The Cleansing Of The Electoral Lists

On The Eve Of The Elections, The EU Also Calls For The Cleansing Of The

April 25 and the integrity of the names on the MP lists seems to be the main focus of international institutions.

Following the insistence and public messages of the United States, today it was the turn of the European Union to convey this message.

European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson, after meeting with Prime Minister Rama, in a press conference with Chief Negotiator Zef Mazi, said that this is the responsibility of political parties.

"Albania is approaching elections and all parties must take responsibility to have the integrity of the candidates on the lists. This has been a really good meeting and I am here to congratulate you on this progress but of course more needs to be done."

Chief Negotiator with the EU, Zef Mazi said that Albania is on the verge of opening negotiations, appreciating the Prime Minister's discussion with the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs.

Ylva Johansson, held a meeting of almost 60 minutes with the leader of the opposition Lulzim Basha, who said that he worked closely with the Commissioner 11 years ago for visa liberalization. Basha, said that Albania has remained in the polls with Edi Rama, emphasizing that DP will make integration a reality.

The European Commissioner for Internal Affairs also met with President Ilir Meta and Minister of Interior Bledi Çuçi.