How would Albanian citizens choose today if they went to the polls?

Antonio Notto, one of the most important names in Italy, specialized in research, studies and analysis of public opinion and market for more than 26 years, with successful international experience returns to Albania with the first poll for this year on the elections of 25 April in cooperation with RTV ORA.

At the end of the second term of the current majority government, at the height of a pandemic situation, which has dictated a new “normality”, with the launch of several important institutions of the New Justice, with a new electoral law and changes Constitutional, on the eve of one of the toughest electoral campaigns, RTV Ora with president Ylli Ndroqi in collaboration with Antonio Notto follow the consolidated 13-year tradition of presenting polls, which measure public opinion before and during election campaigns.

To culminate with elections and EXIT Polls.

Antonio Noto will be present in the program Tempora Speciale, on Tuesday, January 19 in the presentation of the first results of a series of polls over the coming weeks, the only reliable, professional and accurate that have accompanied the elections of Albanians in the last decade, their tendency to vote towards political forces, creating the best tradition in the face of skepticism about the veracity of the results.

To prove the success of this tradition, the general election polls of 2009, 2013 and 2017, as well as the local elections of 2015, together with the respective exit polls, prove it.

On Tuesday, January 19, at 21.00 in the studio of the Tempora program of Sonila Meço and under the comment of Antonio Noto, well-known analysts and opinion leaders, Albanians will be introduced to the results of the first poll for this year, at the national level and separate for two regions, Tirana and Durrës.

If general elections were held tomorrow, which political force would win them?

Have Albanians decided whether to vote?

How many of them are still in the dilemma of choice?

Radio Television Ora and Antonio Notto, on Tuesday, January 19 at 21.00 bring you the first poll for the June 25 elections, to serve with objectivity, impartiality and professionalism only the public interest.