SMI Vice President Petrit Vasili has issued a statement to the media regarding the strike of oil women in Ballsh.

Vasili said that such an action has shook the whole of Albania, as he added that they are protesting for the sweat on their foreheads.

So women are on hunger strike. Only this fact would make any normal person shudder and it shook the whole of Albania because working women and mothers are on hunger strike at the same time, just for something. For the sweat of their brow, which has been robbed from you, stolen from you, robbed in the eyes of a government of thieves“, said Vasili.

He has erupted in accusations against the government saying he is stealing millions of euros in concessions, paying incinerators that do not work.

The same government that pays 10 million euros for incinerators that do not work in Fier and Tirana. For a concession that goes to 370 million euros, millions are paid for incinerators who do not work, do not exist”.

Meanwhile, the number two of the SMI has not spared even the SPAK, adding that “SPAK does not move a finger, it means partnership with theft, it means complicity, it means co-responsibility, for which it will have to answer in the same way as government. The thieves have committed their theft, the SPAK has the task to investigate them, to bring them to justice. An iron test, insurmountable: either with thieves and crime, or with the law. There is no middle ground.