Representatives of the state and politics conveyed messages to students and teachers in this new school year. President Meta stressed the need to react in order to stop young people from leaving the country. The opposition also expressed reservations about a dilapidated education system, while Prime Minister Rama highlighted the measures taken in schools against the spread of the coronavirus.

Heads of state and politics congratulated teachers and students on the first day of school.

Appealing to parents to see education as the best way to make their children worthy of society, President Meta has once again expressed concern about the depopulation of the country by young people.

He calls this phenomenon a national emergency, to which he demands a response.

While Prime Minister Rama congratulated by publishing photos that show the measures placed in educational institutions for the prevention of coronavirus.

Democrat leader Lulzim Basha urges the government to test all teachers and provide them with safeguards, saying conditions in kindergartens and schools are difficult.

Ruçi called the first day of school a challenge towards the success for which we should all contribute.

“The beginning of the new school year is a challenge, for the success of which we must contribute and we will all contribute. The determination to continue the battles ahead of us distinguishes the brave and the love of life and knowledge from the cowards and the surrender to adversity.”

For the chairwoman of the SMI, the government seeks to justify what it calls failures in education with the pandemic.

According to her, this will be the last year of a damaged education in the marrow.

This Monday, 480 thousand students sat on school benches, of which 30 thousand for the first time.