Ilir Meta continues to appeal for reflection from the political class.

After an activity in Elbasan, Meta told reporters that everyone is worried about the elections, including the EU, which is eagerly awaiting the opening of negotiations.

As for the issue of elections, since you have it very quickly and rightly, it is a general concern in our country and the EU itself, which can not wait for the opening of negotiations and the fulfillment of some obligations. Let us all work in the service of this coexistence, there is still time to reflect that everyone will be part of the contribution of European Albania which is not only an objective, but will be an inevitable reality, despite the challenges and difficulties “, tha Meta

Once again, President Meta expressed concern about the departure of young people from the country and asked the competent authorities to provide security so that Albanians can find peace in Albania.

All Albanians must declare war on the departure of young people. This requires the strengthening of coexistence in our country in every community. I am in Elbasan today because the communities and beliefs in Elbasan are an example of cooperation,” said the head of state.

President Meta’s statement came from Elbasan where he was invited by the Center for Interreligious Cooperation.